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From memes to headlines, it’s pretty clear most of us are happy that 2020 is in the rear-view mirror. And with a new year, we ring in resolutions. What resolutions do you have for 2021?

Whether you are into New Year’s resolutions or not, perhaps it’s time to think about your space in a new way—freshening it up, updating it, and making it your own for the upcoming year.

After doing diligent research and talking with our in-house interior design guru, we bring you 4 interior design trends to watch for in 2021.

1. Say hello to green.

Photo by Aaina Sharma

But first, say goodbye to shiplap of yesteryear. And you might as well say goodbye to all-white interiors and cold gray kitchens. Welcome in green.

And by green, we don’t mean painting an accent wall; the accent wall, too, may be sailing away with shiplap in 2021. We are talking about various shades of green from seafoam to sage to foliage. Our designer is a big fan of sage but commends the slightly more daring who go with bold bluish shades.

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Above we mentioned foliage color, houseplants are also expected to be big and will really brighten up a space—we believe it’s just the type of thing needed rolling into 2021 with a pandemic still a part of daily life

2. Earthy tones.

Photo by Kelly Sikkerma

If green won’t work for your space, then other earth tones just might, and you’ll see plenty of them in paint store offerings and furniture.

With more of us working from home, or having to quarantine at times, there is a desire to connect with the outdoors. Designers think this feeling will influence the color palette of 2021 as rich earth tones will be a home design trend.

Photo by Valerii Zorin

In the same way that we might lean toward green or toward more plants, that also translates to a desire for a warmer palette overall. We can complement a selection of mossy hues with browns, burnt orange, cobalt blue and green-grays.

3. Granny-chic.

Photo by Leora Dowling

Not far afield from earth tones is the granny-chic trend, which will continue this year. It also goes by the fun handle of grand-millennial. With the Coronavirus, job layoffs, economic uncertainty and more, it’s understandable that folks are reaching for the past—revisiting styles of old and finding comfort in nostalgia, warmth and traditions.

Photo by Annie Spratt

This trend features floral patterns, including wallpapers, vintage decor, antiques, original pieces and knickknacks. Think grandma, and you’re halfway there. If daring, you might think about maintaining a cabinet of curiosities that even Grandma would admire.

4. Statement walls.

Photo by Dan Gold

When you consider the vibrance and eclecticism of granny-chic, then it’s not a big stretch to see that statement walls can also provide a personal touch to any home.

With the tough year that was last, designers are predicting some bold moves from homeowners, which include getting a little crazy with walls aglow with color, like green, blue and gold choices. There may be a shift from the minimalist, Scandinavian style to a maximist trend.

In addition, these walls can yield a bit of texture through murals and wall coverings. You can also achieve this look with wood walls, which we showcased in a previous blog.

Photo by Sven Brandsma

Statements can also be made in kitchens—not necessarily with a textured wall but with color. Some designers foresee a trend in black cabinetry as the cabinets can be coupled with open shelves to keep the feeling brisk and light.


We hope this is helpful and inspiring as well. If you are contemplating a new home interior design and have questions, please get in touch. You can reach us via our website or by phone, 877.215.1831.