If your home or office has a blank wall, and you are looking for a creative and interesting solution, why not opt for a wood-wall accent?

A wooden wall accomplishes what paint and wallpaper cannot by achieving a standalone work of interior art.

If you like the idea of a natural wood accent, but an entire wall seems like too big of a big bite to chew off, then consider a smaller project. You can create a nook, a large headboard, or an art wall that provides a natural uniqueness to your home or office. Real Wood Floors has wonderful solutions no matter your taste.

If you’re ready to jump into the world of accent walls, consider these popular styles.

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Modern, Vertical Plank Walls

This isn’t your typical ugly 70s paneling. This new and unique way to use vertical slats of wood adds a touch of modern warmth. This will draw curious eyes from any corner of the room. With natural texture, this design can be elegant and refined.

To achieve this look, try Real Wood Floors’ Eighteen Seventy-Five Collection which features European White Oak and Maple.

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Variegated Patterns

If you are brave enough to try a bolder look, the character and movement of a variegated-patterned wall could be just for you.

For this design, mix lighter and darker shades (and even everything in between) of wood. If you’re feeling incredibly brave, you can even mix different widths of wood—but you may need to bust out a slide rule to do all that math.

For this look, use the Real Wood Floors’ Brick and Board Collection with sixteen different shades. From hickory and white oak to walnut and birch, you can create a variegated wall sure to impress any guest or client.

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Herringbone & Chevron Wood Walls

Get your miter saws ready to accomplish this popular and trendy wood wall accent. This classic pattern is great for a divider or a bed headboard piece. A herringbone pattern yields a richness of texture and depth. You can craft this pattern in light or dark woods or a mixture of both.

For this design look, we recommend our Storehouse Plank collection. With dark and light planks of hickory and white oak, you are certain to create a Herringbone wood accent wall that’s sure to please.

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Wainscoting, Nooks, Ceilings, and Bookshelves

Updating your hardwood floors? Invest in some extra footage and extend the installation to one wall. A nook, the area behind a bookshelf, wainscoting, or a wood wall up to the ceiling are all possible with this style.

For a modern twist on this old classic, opt for using wood flooring planks as wainscoting. Placed vertically or horizontally, these half-walls add tons of warmth to any room, particularly an office space.

Don’t overlook your nooks and crannies or bookshelves. Freshen up their look with natural wood choices.

Unknown to many, your ceiling can be an accent wall. Keep your wall clean and minimal, and let your ceiling take center stage. Tip: Pair your ceiling with your floor for a cohesive look.

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