The direction in that wood flooring is laid in a home has much to do with personal preference, however, there are some basic pieces of advice to follow:

  1. To add depth and size to a living room, running the wood perpendicular from one end of the room to the other will allow the room to look longer.
  2. It is best to run the wood the length of any hallway, otherwise, the hallway will appear cut up.
  3. If two rooms open into each other, run the hardwood along the length of both rooms, rather than towards each other, to add size, depth, and consistency.
  4. If your home is built with a “conventional” subfloor, there are supporting floor joists under your floor which usually run perpendicular to the length of the home. To maximize structural stability it’s recommended your wood flooring is installed perpendicular to the joists; which is usually the more visually appealing choice anyway.

For more helpful tips visit: World Flooring Assication and National Wood Flooring Association