Wandsworth, from The Eighteen Seventy-Five Collection

One of the benefits of engineered wood flooring is the real wood veneer. A veneer is the top layer of wood from 1/32 to a 1/4-inch. It allows many consumers to buy durable floors at a great price—such as those in our Eighteen Seventy-Five Collection. Some folks ask us why we named this collection after a year in the nineteenth century. If you are a reader of this blog, you know we like history, which is how we came up with this specific name.

Watercolor by Marc Brunel

The above watercolor circa 1808 illustrates the revolutionary machine process of cutting veneers from lumber. The innovator, Englishman Marc Brunel, pioneered the use of knives to slice veneers instead of the traditional method of sawing. In part because of his efforts, the process of slicing veneer was perfected in 1875. As homage to this marvel of engineering, we named one of our lines the 1875 Collection. Here are three reasons why we think this collection is special.

The beauty of our sliced veneers.

Brunel, from The Eighteen Seventy-Five Collection

As an entry-level product, our 1875 Collection is a 3/8-inch-thick profile floor sold at a modest price. However, instead of the common rotary-peeled process, we use sliced veneers, which makes it technically a wood floor. Like traditional wood flooring, it has intriguing grain patterns that are true to the sawn-cut method.

We achieve these cuts through an eco-mindful process of slicing the lumber. Because this product has a 1.5-mm-thick veneer, we don’t run the lumber through a frame or rotary saw because doing so means losing 1 to 1.5mm of wood to the sawblade, creating sawdust. To better conserve our hardwood supply, we use slicing technology which doesn’t lose any wood.

We take a squared-off log, run it over a sharp knife, and slice off a 1.5-mm veneer. This process results in a true, full-grain pattern, with little sawdust and a good price tag for the consumer.

As an entry-level offering, the Eighteen Seventeen-Five Collection provides the price-conscious and design-inspired homeowner or builder a well-priced floor with the same visuals one expects from a high-end option. Given the current coronavirus pandemic and the creation of more home offices, this collection provides a great flooring option for consumers and builders.

Vibrant colors.

Brunel and Surrey

Another feature that makes our 1875 Collection special and distinctive is the advanced coloring process we apply to the veneers. Through our unique and proprietary Revelarre method, we create dynamic colors with Brunel and Surrey, two of our white oak species options in this collection.

Wandsworth and Thames

With the Wandsworth and Thames options, also white oak, we use a double-coloring method which creates a whitewash in the grain.

As well, with our three maple colors, we use advanced pigment coloring to reveal the true maple color of the wood. This process allows vibrant multi-colors to appear throughout the floor.

A strong finish.

Putney, from The Eighteen Seventy-Five Collection

Although five-inch-wide is typically the standard for an engineered product, we also upgraded the width of the Eighteen Seventy-Five Collection with six-inch-wide boards. We’re also pleased to offer variable lengths up to six feet.

While other manufacturers often slap on a finish that gives the appearance of a plastic coating, we recognize that consumers want a finish to protect their investment but not detract from the natural beauty of their floor. So instead of thick aluminum oxide, we apply an easy-clean, satin-matte finish with a 25-year residential warranty. We’re extremely proud of this finish, which is similar to those on our high-end designed floors like Vintage Loft.

One might argue, “If my veneer is 1.5 mm, how can you consider any of the 1875 Collection’s features of a higher-end floor?” We agree that twenty years ago, a veneer this thin would not be considered higher-end. However, today with more efficient and dynamic finishing and refinishing techniques, consumers can refinish their floors over a great length of time without altering the wood fiber. Our clients can conceivably maintain and refinish this floor well past its 25-year warranty.

Get your samples today.

Design-wise, consumers can easily look past the entry-level specs of this product and recognize the attractive design features. This is why this collection is currently being installed in high-end, multi-family residence projects in the Midwest and also in a home neighboring the founder of Microsoft, in Seattle, Washington,.

In addition to the Eighteen Seventy-Five Collection, throughout August we are featuring another 5-inch-width floor, Mantel, from the Brick and Board Collection. Typically, we charge for samples, but we are sending out samples of Brick and Board this month at no charge. Contact us today via our website or by phone, 877.215.1831, for paid samples of the 1875 Collection or your free samples of Mantel.