It’s that time again when we turn our attention to the holidays. In the upcoming weeks, many of us will spend time enjoying family, friends and festivities.

We encourage you to complement your tasty holiday dishes and warm camaraderie with an inviting and clean home. Cleaning and cleaning products can make your home a shining light for entertaining and for relaxing family downtime.

We know the term “mop kit” may not sound super exciting, but we think it’s something special. It’s a sleek kit that is attractive from its brick-red color and innovative design down to the rope handle that accompanies its handsome packaging. Most importantly, the kit is the means to an end: creating a clean, inviting space during the holiday season (and year-round as well).

Appearance matters—even in cleaning products.

When we designed the mop kit, we wanted to create a feature-rich and nice-looking cleaning product that surpassed expectations, not just met the minimum, from its packaging and colors to its mop head weight, easy-to-remove cleaning pads, and extension handle.

We really spent time on the aesthetics, and when we looked at typical floor mops, we weren’t big fans of the colors such as bright yellow and neon green. We wanted something that could end up leaning in a kitchen corner because you forgot to put it away but wouldn’t offend because of its looks. To appeal to a wide variety of interior design styles when it came to color, we chose a modest brick-red.

We wanted the packaging to make a statement, too. The mop kit is packaged in a slim natural cardboard box with a rope handle, creating an organic charm. Who says your mop kit can’t be premium?

Our mop kit is feature-rich.

We wanted folks of all heights to be able to utilize our mop, so we have an extra-long telescoping handle, which can be as short as four feet but also as long as six feet.

One of our pet peeves is a cheap lightweight mop head. For our kit we have an extremely solid and heavy mop head, so we are letting gravity do some of the work for you. In addition, the design includes a scrub step—a ridged grip so you can press your foot there to eliminate tough spots on your floor. The full-swivel head allows for efficient cleaning.

The kit comes with two machine-washable pads of super-thin, sturdy Velcro. When you think of Velcro, if you imagine perforated strips that aren’t so effective, please put that out of your mind. Our kit has high-quality Velcro that holds the pad firmly in place so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off while mopping.

Tips for cleaning your floor.

Our mop kit can be used on any hard surface. This includes tile, laminate flooring and of course hardwood floors.

Here are a few instructions about how to clean your floors with this mop kit.

First, begin by dry-mopping the floor with a broom or vacuum. You want to get up all the debris before you start. We also offer a shaggy dry mop pad for use with the mop to do this.

Grab your floor mop with a microfiber pad and a spray bottle of floor cleaner. Use the two nozzle settings on the cleaner bottle for efficiency. (No water is needed, and there is no residue left behind if done properly.) Start with the mist setting, and spray a heavy mist to dampen the pad. Set the nozzle to its narrow stream setting to prepare to mop the floor.

Start in the room’s farthest corner. Lay down a four to six-foot stream, and work back and forth towards yourself. Use a serpentine motion with the mop head in order to catch all the debris and not leave streaks or small piles.

Think about the motion of the mop head like you would when mowing the lawn. Overlap and pivot the head side to side as you move from row to row back toward you. After a few rows, review the area. If you see a tough spot that didn’t come up, then spray again and use the scrub step with your foot to put pressure on the area and get it cleaned up.

After you have finished a room or large area, check your pad. If you have the remainder of soda spills or an accumulation of debris or pet hair, it may be time to swap out the pad and continue. As we mentioned, the kit comes with two pads and if needed, you can purchase replacements at our website. The pads are conveniently machine-washable.

Preventative measures.

We always recommend floor protectors for your furniture to keep your floor scratch-free. Place mats at exterior doors to keep debris at a minimum. We recommend cleaning your floors once a week. We abide by the theory that the more often you mop, the less work entailed when you have to get around to doing it—and for some of us, we might dread the task less! A clean floor is a happy and healthy floor, and will last the life of your home.

Our mop kit is regularly priced at $37.95, but if you use the promo code NOVEMBER20 at checkout, you can save 20% until the end of the year.

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