Get Cleaning

Spring isn’t the only time clear out the cobwebs. A good quarterly scrub will keep your home looking fresh for months to come. Take time to clear out dryer vents and drains, ensure gutters and downspouts are free from excess debris and inspect window frames and screens for holes or damage. Plants that enjoyed healthy summer growth should be trimmed back and checked for diseases and pests. Driveways, decks and patios can also benefit from a solid power washing, which can remove mold, mildew and weeds that may have taken root over the season.

Stay Safe

Has cool weather moved the party indoors? Ensure your family stays safe by keeping smoke and carbon monoxide detectors up to date. Test your devices and change batteries annually. If you use a home security system, check sensors and cameras for malfunctions and confirm your plan is current. Inspect exterior doors for wear and tear and install timers or motion detection on outdoor lights. Finally, even though grilling season might be over, it’s a smart idea to keep a small handheld fire extinguisher in your kitchen and garage.

Prevent Damage

With more weather on the way, prep patio furniture for hibernation. Remove, wash and store patio cushions, oil teak or wood furniture and invest in covers to keep rain, snow and ice at bay. Give your grill some attention by cleaning the traps and degreasing the grates. When spring rolls around, you can fire it up with no unpleasant surprises. Check your outdoor areas for adequate drainage and sweep up dust, leaves and other detritus from decking to prevent rot when wet. Taking preventative steps to care for your wood products will ensure their beauty for years to come.

Plan for Improvements

If you’ve been looking for the perfect moment to start a project, the end of summer is a great time to check it off the list. Before the schedule fills up with holiday engagements and visitors begin arriving by the car-full, craft a plan for home improvements and stick to it. Replace old flooring with something durable, beautiful and timeless like authentic hardwood. Repair cracked walkways or paths and take them from slippery to safe. Lay out ideas for next year’s landscaping and ensure your wintertime planting will bloom into bountiful spring green. With a little planning, prevention and elbow grease you’ll be ready to win your autumn house goals.

Let Creativity Shine

Clean and classic will always be in style, but if you’re looking to up the ante and really go bold, check out high-variation wood flooring. Alternating between dark and light boards in the same color family, this style emulates what we see in nature. As patterns and color vary from tree to tree, each board has a unique color variant that sets it apart from those around. Resulting in a modern patchwork of color. A fresh and unique look that will set your home apart.