Steadfast – Grace

The Steadfast Collection is one of the most unique floors we’ve created. A nearly oversized flooring option, its extra-wide and extra-long planks offer stunning displays of natural beauty made from historically durable hickory and maple lumber. With textures and character unlike any of our other offerings, you have a special collection of floor colors that make a powerful impact.

Our Steadfast Collection has two very unique features that are key to this line of wood flooring.The collection’s texture and color options, with three choices in dynamic weathering, make this flooring line a popular choice in the Real Wood Floors’ repertoire.

Honest & Grace

Color palette

Of the collection’s eight colors, seven of them are created with Revelarre. Revelarre is the term to describe our coloring process, which changes the color of every wood fiber of the board. This procedure is unique because each of the color stains go all the way through the wood. This creates a Scandinavian, modern look. The staining process gives you a color in maple and hickory you would not achieve in any other way within these natural woods. It achieves this look as if the wood has truly grown that way.

You get all the natural character of the hickory and natural features of maple, but in colors you’d never see in those species. It is truly extraordinary to watch a neutral color, like a natural driftwood, age as if it were naturally aging. Because the neutral color is imparted to the wood fiber and not simply painted on, you have a wood that shows the full character of hickory, the full character of maple, without it being loud and in your face.

Faithful, Hopeful, Peaceful

The beauty of this modern look is that you can change the color schemes in your home over time. While the floor is unique and very much a focal point in the room, it will allow you many different color schemes. As trends change, with your Steadfast Collection floor, you can switch up cabinet and wall colors, and this floor won’t interfere and will continue to be a focal piece.

The dynamically weathered colors: Legacy, Tradition, Heritage


As we were developing the Steadfast Collection, we heard the industry’s call for more authentic, natural, and organic-looking flooring, and a funny thing happened. One afternoon, while customers visited our manufacturing plant, and we walked from building to building, one of them noticed a stack of hardwood veneers left outside. Appreciating the natural fading and random character marks, he remarked to us, “Why can’t you make us a floor that looks like that?” This was just the inspiration we needed to try something truly special.

Three of the Steadfast colors go through what we’ve called dynamic weathering—a process even beyond Revelarre. Natural dynamic weathering means the veneer gets cut, and then we place the flooring outside in the elements to get weathered. Three specific Steadfast colors are treated in this way, with either 30, 60, or 90 days of weathering. The outdoor treatment creates a mottled effect; thus, you still get that unique natural coloring effect, but also a mottled weathering in various areas of the wood that is truly unique to every veneer and to every floor. Every floor is a one-of-a-kind floor.

Natural dynamic weathering is a feature that works well in homes but also in light commercial installations. With the mottled effect, dynamic weathering can hide a lot of dirt. Of course, you’ll want to clean regularly, but in a commercial space, for instance, you don’t want the floor to appear dirty from traffic. The mottled characteristic helps the floor appear cleaner longer.

Unique textures

Because the Steadfast Collection is not wire-brushed to follow the grain, it achieves a tumbled texture, with ripples in the texture.

You get a natural texture on a maple floor which is incredibly difficult to do because maple has such a tight grain. If you were to wire-brush the maple, it would leave the patterns of the wires giving it a very machine-processed look. The tumbled, rippling texture technique creates a unique and gorgeous floor.

Steadfast – Honest

Ready for your home

We have it on good authority that some folks when they first see the floor are compelled to try it out on bare feet. The verdict is that the floor feels amazing and is quite pleasant to walk on.