Please read and follow the instructions below for The Storehouse Plank Collection to ensure the best installation.

Installation Requirement: For nail down applications, it is necessary to use a glue-assist method for The Storehouse Plank Collection of solid, prefinished flooring. A PVA type adhesive shall be applied as a “glue-assist” to flooring boards that are being nailed or stapled down. (Option 1) A 1/4″ bead of adhesive may be applied directly to the subfloor 1/2″ away from the tongue of the previously installed row of flooring. (Option 2) Alternatively, adhesive may be applied in a 1/4” bead in a serpentine pattern to the underneath side of the board before nailing or stapling down. If a glue-assist method is used, underlayment should not be applied to the subfloor. Adhesive should be in direct contact with both the flooring and subfloor. Click here to view the downloadable PDF version.