Simple, Versatile, Beautiful

The neutral canvas of the Silvian Collection brings beauty and warmth underfoot while accommodating nearly every decor style. Themes of organic textures, natural elements, and faded tones offer a simple and understated foundation to add your unique style to or bring an entire room to life as the crown jewel of the space. Inspired by classic Nordic stylings, the simple nature of this collection draws us closer to the essentials of life and proves once again less is more and great design is timeless.

We found inspiration for our latest wood floor collection in the clean and organic style of the Scandinavia region of northern Europe. Known as the Nordic countries; Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland have together formed a design style we’ve found fits well with great flooring.

Warm, Organic and Understated

The harsh climate of northern Europe has created an emphasis on utility above decoration and complexity. As a result, the Scandinavian people have developed a style traditionally marked by uncluttered simplicity, natural wood tones and bright whites, and color-washed furnishings and accessories. Our eight new floors reflect this idea with seven European oak and one American walnut colors. All are generously proportioned at 7 1/2 inches wide and up to 7 feet long. To accentuate the authentic beauty of our lumber, we’ve lightly brushed the wood grain to reveal the natural lines of real wood; which feels great underfoot.

The name Silvian is derived from the Latin word silva, a word for wood, trees, and forests. We chose color names from Finland for terms of nature such as Laakso and Metsa; meaning valley and forest. These were carefully selected to evoke a feeling for customers of bringing nature into their homes with these floors.

Beautiful, Functional and Simple

Spaces designed in the Scandinavian style today tend to lean heavily into light-reflecting white walls, a primarily neutral color palette with pops of color, and natural textures like stone and wood. Minimal or no window treatments and carpets with clean and simple layouts further highlight a refined minimalist style. We preset the Silvian collection to perfectly coincide with this idea, providing a perfect palette for your space, no matter what you decide to pair it with.

The success of any Scandinavian-designed space lies in its ability to create what’s known as hygge (“hoo-gah”). This is a Danish term loosely translating to “a quality of coziness and comfortable living, creating a feeling of contentment or well-being.” This is the ultimate dream we have for all our customers. We hope the naturally embued warmth of real wood permeating the Silvian collection will help you create hygge in your home.