The New Year is a great time to recharge yourself and your style. Start the new decade off right with something bold. Gone are the days of the subtle accent wall, 2020 is all about making a statement. So while you’re working hard on those personal resolutions, don’t forget to think about your home. Join us as we run through some of the best wall trends for the upcoming year and find out how to make them work for you.


Single colors don’t have to be dull. This year, abandon rooms of grey and white for something a little richer. Jewel tones in aubergine, forest green or cobalt blue make a statement while a singular palette keeps things modern and focused. Veer away from anything too safe or neutral and immerse yourself in a deeply saturated world.

Wood Paneling

While wood paneling might conjure up visions of the 1970s, fear not. Modern wood panels are bright, sleek, and much different from their vintage counterparts. For a stunning statement wall, choose panels of high-quality wood like white oak, redwood, or white-washed maple. Frame them out individually or choose slats of very thin or thick boards to create visual interest. For lofty rooms, clad the ceiling or extend the boards only part way up for a three-quarter length statement.


Bold, bright, and back in style, design-forward wallpaper is on trend for 2020. From colorful geometric patterns to blooming botanicals, subtle wallcoverings have made way for something more boisterous. This year, choose prints in warm earthy colors – like terracottas, corals, and sunny mustards and don’t shy away from pattern. From chintz to tropical, retro to embossed nothing is off limits.

Modern Mural

Done correctly, murals can transform a room – and these days they come in many forms. For 2020 check out macro photos of natural elements, like foliage, stone, agates, or water features. Embrace patterns with over large shibori, watercolor creations, or patterns on a grand scale. From peel-and-stick vinyl to hand-painted masterpieces, a modern mural can take a room from boring to bold.

Add Dimension

Bring contrast into your space with a little texture. From chunky limewash to embossed paper, making your walls pop means adding a bit of dimension. Decorative wainscoting, applied box molding, vertical panelings, shiplap, and board and batten are all great options – so get going and explore the possibilities.

The modern feature wall has come a long way since its beginnings in the early 2000s. These days it is an updated, imaginative opportunity for designers to experiment with color, texture, finish and style. So this year, take the opportunity to make a change. Let go of what doesn’t serve you and fill your life with joy. Bring decor into your space that make your happy and accent your home with a brand new version of the “feature wall.” Make this decade your best one yet with smart, beautiful design choices.