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How Do I Clean My Wood Floor?

How Do I Clean My Wood Floor?

Follow these simple maintenance practices to care for your wood floor.

It’s important to know which kind of finish your floor is coated with. Either prior to installation by the manufacturer or after installation by a flooring professional. The type of finish used determines the kind of maintenance required.

We spent over two years developing, testing and perfecting our own suite of floor care products, Real Clean Floors. Designed to work on all kinds of flooring finishes, we recommend it for use on every floor we produce. Learn more about the Real Clean Floors products and how to purchase at www.realcleanfloors.co

Please note: The following maintenance practices are recommended for our products finished with UV-cured oils and urethane (Gallery, Vintage Loft, Chalet, Ponderosa, Saltbox, Eighteen Seventy-Five, Brick & Board, and Storehouse Plank).

Some older products, such as Vintage Loft manufactured before June 2015, may have hard wax oil finish and will need to be maintained differently. For hard wax oil maintenance guidelines please contact Real Wood Floors.

Preventative Maintenance:
  • Install protective felt or soft pads on the bottom of all furniture.
  • Place rugs and mats at all exterior entrances to capture abrasives and moisture. Shake rugs out regularly.
  • Sweep, vacuum and or dry dust-mop regularly to remove abrasives and dirt.
  • Be aware; the use of high heeled shoes can dent even the densest hardwood floors.
  • Wipe up spills immediately.

It is important to use cleaners specifically designed for wood floors only—cleaners designed for other surfaces, or containing harsh chemicals or wax, will dull the finish, damage the finish or make it slippery.

Do not:

  • Use oils, waxes or furniture soaps or sprays.
  • Use straight ammonia, alkaline products or abrasive cleaners.
  • Use water alone or vinegar and water to clean hardwood floors.

Use professional cleaning products to remove occasional scuffs, heel marks, stains and spills without dulling the finish of your floor.

Color Loss and Shading:

As a natural product, all hardwood floors are likely to fade or change shades over time. Like our own skin, hardwood’s exposure to sunlight may increase this process and cause a permanent color change. Window treatments are recommended to shade your floors from the sun’s harsh UV rays. We also recommend rotating area rugs and furniture regularly, allowing hardwood floors to age evenly from UV exposure.

If you are unsure which cleaning products are appropriate to care for your floor, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

A PDF version of these guidelines can be found on our Downloads page.