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    As a pet owner, what should I consider when choosing a wood floor?

    Pets of all kinds can be great joy in a home, but they can be hard on wood floors. Large, heavy dogs in particular. The nails from heavy animals have the potential to cause indentations in wood flooring, possibly even scratching the finish. Of course, even well-trained pets occasionally don’t make it to the potty in time. The ammonia in pet urine can discolor floors if not cleaned up promptly. Also, if your pet’s hair contrasts with the floor color it could be more noticeable.

    If you have pets in your home, consider a floor that is wire brushed or hand scraped, and has natural color variation and character. Solid products or engineered products with thicker veneers offer more resistance to indentation than products with thinner wear layers. Avoid smooth textured and uniform consistently colored floors as they show scratches and other blemishes much more easily. This will help mitigate the inevitable effects of your cats and dogs living indoors.