First appearing in the mid-17th century, the Saltbox style home was named for it’s resemblance to the often-used kitchen fixture of the day. The homes were characterized by their unique roofline, timber frame construction, and varied-width plank floors. The simplicity and strength of this design has made the saltbox house a New England icon. Weathered texture, random widths, and a subdued sheen bring the historic look and feel of the Saltbox style to your home.

Inspired by the asymmetry of historic homes in New England, our Saltbox Collection features multiple widths, 4”, 6” & 8” in each box, giving the floor an asymmetrical style. This line contains eight distinct stain colors under seven coats of Ultra Matte sheen, and urethane finish. Slight worn-in details give Saltbox the comfortable look and feel the floor has been lived on for a while.

This engineered wood flooring has ½” total profile thickness with a sliced veneer of slow-growth hardwood on top of the fast-growth, plantation-grown wood beneath. There are random length pieces in each box between one and six feet long.

As with each of our pre-finished products, we offer several trim pieces for transitions and there are several installation options available. View our Saltbox product page here for more details and always feel free to call our office to ask us anything about it.