Mixing flea market finds with bespoke designer pieces is a great way to achieve the gorgeous and flexible style in your home. Artfully blending both high and low adds visual interest and infuses your space with character. But how do you decide which items are splurge-worthy? Check out our list for pieces will give you the best return on your investment.

Quality floor coverings

Even the most beautiful wood floors can benefit from the addition of a rug. Offering protection, style and warmth, high-end carpets can last for years if properly cared for. The best rugs are made from natural materials including wool, cotton and plant fibers. Avoid synthetics as they dirty easily, lose their shape over time and are prone to matting. For something of the highest quality, choose a hand-knotted model. Fibers in these rugs are added individually with a specialized hand tool, which differs greatly from the machine loomed options. While a designer rug may cost more up front, an heirloom piece can last for generations.

Sound seating

When it comes to investment pieces you can’t go wrong with a sumptuous sofa. For first time homebuyers, young couples and those just leaving the nest, a sofa is often the largest and first investment item on the list. Splurging for a quality brand means you won’t be looking for a replacement in the next few years. High-end pieces are constructed using long lasting foams, stain-resistant upholstery, durable materials and long-term warranties. A neutral color in a classic style will ensure you can update it as your style changes and trends evolve. Accent your investment with colorful throws and vibrant pillows.

Do-it-all dining table

Don’t be fooled into thinking your dining table is just for meals. This piece is well worth the investment. From holiday dinners, impromptu meetings, family gatherings and flexible office space your dining table can do it all. For wood models, choose something made of solid timer rather than veneer which will last longer, resist wear and age beautifully. Also explore options in marble, stone, glass and molded concrete. The possibilities are endless. Choosing a quality piece will ensure you can enjoy it for years to come.

A really good mattress

You might not realize it, but at least a third of your life is spent sleeping. Invest in quality rest so that you can wake up refreshed and ready to face the day. Over the past few years the mattress industry has changed dramatically. What was once relegated to brick-and-mortar has transitioned to the internet. These days, there are dozens of online retailers offering their products direct to consumer. With free-trials, money back guarantees and many options for extended warranty service, there’s no reason to suffer through a lackluster night again.

Art that speaks to your style

A statement piece can really pull a room together. It can set the tone, unite a color palette and show off your personality. Fill your home with art that speaks to you. Even affordable pieces can be elevated with quality framing and matting services. Choose a style, artist, color or subject theme to start a collection. Be mindful of where you purchase your pieces only dealing with reputable galleries or directly with the artists themselves. Judge your pieces subjectively and if it doesn’t evoke an emotion, let it go.