In the world of wood flooring, traditional coloring methods are no longer the only options for your next floor. Traditional wood stains have been the standard for floors for many, many years, but Real Wood Floors has introduced Revelarre, a natural coloring process that enhances the unique beauty of every plank of wood. Revelarre reveals the true character of wood floors in dynamic ways and makes new coloring options available that stains can’t replicate.


Revelarre is an aesthetic feature that creates completely unique coloring and tonal results in some of Real Wood Floors’ products. While traditional wood staining covers the surface of a floor with consistent color, Revelarre affects the unique identity of every plank of wood, creating exceptionally beautiful and original variations.


The Revelarre process interacts with wood floors at the granular level, changing the actual wood fibers to create beautiful and sometimes complex appearances. Some floors are simply darkened, not only the visible surface of the wood but the entire layer of hardwood. Other Revelarre floors are more dynamic with some wood grain changing in one way while the other grains react differently, creating multiple tones and sometimes color variations.

If you like the aesthetics of organic, worn-in surfaces, Revelarre floors are what you’re looking for. The Revelarre process looks as though it speeds up the aging process in woods, darkening and changing them in dynamic ways, without having to wait for nature to do it for you. As beautifully unique every tree is from one another, so too is every Revelarre floor. No two are the same. Each one a work of art.

Look through the Revelarre floors and order a sample at our color finder page, here.