In the late eighteenth century, inventors were creating the very first light bulbs. Thomas Edison paid close attention to the most recent designs and found them impractical. He solved the issue by using a thin filament that would only need a small amount of electricity. Ultimately, it was an innovative fix.

We like innovative fixes.

For nearly a decade, several times a week, our wood flooring customers asked us, “What should I use to clean my new floor?” For many years, we recommended typical name-brand products, but after using them ourselves we realized they simply weren’t ideal.

Most of these leading cleaners left a hazy residue or waxy look, and we knew this didn’t serve our customers well nor did it serve to showcase our product—in fact, it made our beautiful wood floors look worse!

One of our company’s core values is innovation, and the cleaning solution problem created a perfect opportunity for innovation. We thought we should create a product to meet customer needs since the market was not doing so. We did our research and then worked with a US manufacturer to formulate a one-of-kind cleaner that met market need and cleaned floors exceptionally well.

Purchasing a wood floor is a significant investment in your home, and we believe those floors deserve to be cared for properly—and not only that, but they should shine and smell good, too. Below are some great reasons to use our Real Clean Floors Cleaner.

The cleaning solution is lab-tested and proven to be better.

We wanted to make sure our product exceeded those in the market, so we literally put it to the test. A university lab used a standard protocol, the Greasy Soil Test Method for Evaluating Spray-and-Wipe Cleaner on Hard, Non-Glossy Surfaces, with a few modifications. For comparison purposes, we went up against the top market brand and excelled with a “5.49% greater in average percent detergency.” This is code for: our cleaner simply cleaned better than the leading brand.

Our cleaning solution is super-powered, by nature.

Real Clean Floors cleaner cares for your floor—it’s not just a disinfectant or chemical.

Our cleaner uses D-limonene (an extract of orange peel). This key ingredient, in its purest form, is powerful enough to degrease heavy machinery. For floors, we blended it down to the right percentage and consistency to eliminate dirt and grime, to leave no streaks, and to leave you with a natural citrus odor that dissipates quickly. Best of all, its concentration, while effective for cleaning, is pet-friendly and kid-friendly. The natural odor doesn’t leave a chemical smell so if you are sensitive to perfumes and smells, you are good to go.

The product uses a 9-MOL surfactant, as opposed to a 4-MOL surfactant. A surfactant is an active agent and in this case a molecular detergent. (The 9-MOL is the same surfactant used in the mainstream cleaner, Shout.) It is more expensive to produce and to employ a 9-MOL surfactant, but we wanted to craft the best cleaner possible. As well, our product evaporates quickly and doesn’t leave a film or residue.

The cleaning solution and our eco-conscious resolve.

After a few years of making the product, we decided to create a concentrated form of the cleaner in a 4-ounce bottle as well as a large solution refill. We wanted to reduce environmental waste and also reduce costs in production and shipping, passing savings on to our customers.

Real Clean Floors offers a variety of products.

Though this product was created as a wood floor cleaner, it is not solely for floors. It works great on tile, linoleum, and any hard-surface flooring. Like we did for our mop kit, we used colors and design features to make the cleaner bottle aesthetically pleasing. We avoided the neon greens and yellows, with the idea that the spray bottle can sit in a kitchen or pantry and blend in. Please visit the Real Clean Floors website to order your cleaning products today.