Color Trends

While warmer tones are still on the outs, both ends of the color spectrum are currently in full play. Cool ebony, earthy browns and variations of grey continue to hold popularity. Whitewashed ash, blonde and honey tones are also leading the pack. While darker floors will always require a little more care when it comes to care and maintenance, when paired with contrasting accents, the style pop they offer is hard to beat.

Texture and Finish

Gone are the days of the highly polished floor. When it comes to finishes, matte is in. Low luster sealants, satin and natural look all allow the beauty of the material to come through. While glossy finishes are more forgiving, they tend to look dated when paired with the trends of today. Unfortunately, matte floors also tend to show every ding and scratch so remember to take precautions with shoes, pets and furniture. A more forgiving option includes planks that are either hand-scraped or wire brushed. Adding charm and character with a more weathered yet durable look.


From mid-century modern to rustic farmhouse, there’s a wood floor trend to suit every style. For 2019, trends still lean toward wide-plank and classic look; evoking memories of quality and timelessness. Lay your floors in the same direction with simple patterns and few cuts. Avoid distractions with loud grains and overly busy designs. Let your floors be a respite for the eyes and act as the anchor for everything else in the space.

Longevity and Green Choices

Over the past few decades, there has been a decided increase in the desire for sustainable, eco-friendly hardwood. Fast-growing and renewable species, like bamboo, palm, and cork wood have recently come into fashion. As have modern versions of engineered planks, which look almost indistinguishable from their traditional hardwood cousins. While true wood plank floors will last for centuries if properly looked after, it’s refreshing to see such a plethora of other reclaimed, salvaged and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved options on the market.

Let Creativity Shine

Clean and classic will always be in style, but if you’re looking to up the ante and really go bold, check out high-variation wood flooring. Alternating between dark and light boards in the same color family, this style emulates what we see in nature. As patterns and color vary from tree to tree, each board has a unique color variant that sets it apart from those around. Resulting in a modern patchwork of color. A fresh and unique look that will set your home apart.