September is here. Do you have plans for new wood floors before the holidays? Or perhaps in the spring?

If so, given current flooring shortages, now’s the time to shop in order to get your dream floor installed when you want it in your home.

Now is also the time to alleviate any worry that you might not get the floors for your project.

Shop now, sample now, reserve now, and receive your floor when you need it.

Shortages everywhere.

Photo by Richard Burlton from Unsplash

It’s been a strange year and a half. We’ve had to wait out shortages on toilet paper, chicken and automobiles. In some cases when you wanted something right then, you just couldn’t get it.

Currently, manufacturers are out of stock of most of their wood flooring—including us. Our giant warehouse is two-thirds empty even though we predicted these types of shortages once Covid emerged in the spring of 2020 and proceeded to ramp up production ahead of most of our competitors.

The silver lining: We’ll store your floor for you.

The demand for flooring is extremely high, and manufacturers haven’t caught up, even those of us who planned ahead, so we encourage you to shop now.

We understand that the value we can bring to you is not that we have everything in stock but that you can order your floors from us, and we will store them for you until your project is ready.

If you are a contractor, then wood flooring comes in at the tail end of your building project, so don’t hesitate to shop and buy now; that way you have what you need when it’s time to lay the flooring.

Make it happen.

Find the floor you want and order some samples. Take your flooring samples into different rooms at different times of day, so that you can see the floor and the walls together in various shades of light. When you are confident in your choice, then place an order, so your flooring will be in your home when you need it.

Many of us have made it through the busy time of back-to-school and are settling into a new groove. Now, hopefully, you have a more open and flexible period of time to stop and think about a wood flooring project that has been on the back burner.

This is a great time to order flooring before the rush of the holidays. If you want to get a floor installed before Thanksgiving or Christmas, when you certainly don’t want to deal with a delay, then now is the time to order. As we said above, we will hold your flooring at our warehouse, and we’ll have it ready to ship anywhere in the US with a five-day shipping time.

Shop today.

Give us an opportunity at Real Wood Floors to take away the hassle of dealing with shortages and help you get your dream floor. To view our collections and order samples, please visit our website or contact us by phone, 877.215.1831.