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Win at Hosting Holiday Houseguests

Are you planning to host overnight guests this holiday season? Whether it’s for one day or an entire week, there are many steps you can take to make sure your home is at its best. Find out how to put your guests at ease with these tips for a stress-free stay.

Clean, clean, clean

There is nothing your guests will appreciate more than a spotless home. Take the time to vacuum, dust, put away clutter and clear out any catch areas where odds and ends tend to build up. If you are running short on time, focus your efforts on two main areas: the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Take the time to wipe up spilled water, polish streaky mirros and descale the tub and shower. Stock up on soaps and toiletries and make sure there are ample towels and tissues.

Fresh linens and extra towels

The feeling of sliding into fresh, crisp sheets is the hallmark of a great guest experience. If your guest rooms sheets have not been used in a few months, give them a fresh wash to remove any lingering musty smells. Place extra towels on the end of the bed and spare toiletries if you have them. Guests may not want to impose if they if the room temp isn’t to their liking, so be sure to include an extra blanket and fan if available.

Food and drink

Keep guests from bumbling around your home at night by placing a few bottles or pitcher of water in their room. It’s a nice idea to also find out what snacks or foods they prefer and keep a few items on hand when they arrive. Granola bars, fruit and other easy foods are perfect for a quick and easy meal. They’ll be grateful after the long journey for a quick bite and thankful to be so well looked after.

Eliminate Odors

Your home should smell as good as it looks! So open windows and doors and give it a good airing out. Take out all garbage and recycling and give the fridge a good clean-out. Vacuum carpets to remove dirt and pet dander and use natural sprays or candles to freshen the air. A subtle oil diffuser is great for baths and guestrooms and will keep your home smelling sweet.

Make room for their things

Whether they’re crashing on an air mattress or snoozing in a fully outfitted guest suite be sure to provide an area they can store their belongings. Clear out a drawer, prop up a luggage rack or make some room in the closet for their personal items. Don’t make their stay feel like an imposition. They’ll feel more welcome and you can keep their items conveniently stored and out of sight. Plan a few meals
Do a little reconnaissance work before your guests arrive. Find out their meal preferences and dietary restrictions to ensure you have food on hand that will suit their palate. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but plan a few meals in advance. Take out the guesswork of where they’re going to eat each night and offer some options at home. They will be so grateful to have some quick breakfast and snack foods on hand.

Wifi and Passwords

Save your guests the trouble of asking and be generous with your wifi password. If you have guests often, consider printing a small placard and placing it in your guest room. Otherwise, keep it in an easily accessible location, like on the fridge or in the mudroom when they arrive.

Sound machine

While you might be used to the sound of your home, your guests are not. Crying children, road noise, creaky stairs are all things that can keep your guests from getting a good night’s rest. A sound machine is the perfect way to block out excess noise and ensure they sleep well. Look for something with adjustable levels or ambient noise and various options.

Privacy please!

It’s wonderful to be able to open your home to friends and family, but it can also be exhausting. Let go of the pressure to entertain constantly and give your guests the option for some alone time. Take a walk, a nap, read a book or run an errand and feel free to step away and recharge. They’ll appreciate the solitude and you’ll be ready for fun when you return.

Hosting guests for the holidays should be a privilege and a joy. Make sure your have a successful run this season by following our helpful tips.

Posted on November 25, 2019