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Historical Trends in Flooring Widths and Lengths: Function and Design

We have a penchant for history at Real Wood Floors. And no better place to talk history than when you investigate the past of hardwood flooring.

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Posted on August 07, 2020

Two Ways To Create Wood Floor Colors

Have you ever seen a wood floor color that looks different than what you expected, or perhaps not even possible?

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Posted on July 07, 2020

Plankology: The Flooring Process Simplified

How well do you know your floor? Or how well do you know the floor you’d love to have?

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Posted on May 20, 2020

Strong, Simple, and Stylish: Today's Prefinished Wood Floors

With its commanding resilience, superior convenience, and our commitment to staying at the forefront of meeting the market’s needs, we’re confident a prefinished floor is the right choice for your home.

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Posted on April 15, 2020

How To Hire A Flooring Installer

Whether you’ve purchased flooring from us or not, we have some quick tips to survive the process and hire the best flooring installer in your area.

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Posted on March 04, 2020

1 Big Way To Keep Your Wood Floors Healthy

During the heating season, most of us fight the chill in our homes with central heat or wood-burning stoves—all equaling a lot of heat, and not necessarily a lot of moisture.

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Posted on February 03, 2020

Debunking Five Common Wood Floor Myths

Don’t let misinformation hold you back from investing in the timeless beauty of hardwood. Contrary to what you may have heard, classic hardwood is sustainable, durable and within your reach. Wood floors combine style and functionality to any home project, so come with us as we bust the top five myths regarding their care.

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Posted on January 21, 2020

Water Doesn't Have To Ruin Your Floors

One of the most costly threats to your hardwood floors is water damage. Water damage can occur from spills, leaks and humidity and moisture in the air. Of course the best way to save your hardwood floors from water damage is to employ preventive measures.

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Posted on January 21, 2020

Fix The Squeak

Two pieces of wood rubbing together are the cause of most squeaks in wooden floors. There are two reason this happens. In one case the wood floor has pulled away from the sub floor that lies beneath it. Most hard wood floors are installed by nailing the wood floorboards to a plywood sub floor which rests on the support beams underneath. The sub floor can warp or the nails used to secure the floorboards in place come loose.

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Posted on January 06, 2020

Protect Your Wood Floors From Extra Traffic

If you have family or friends planning to visit, for holiday festivities or just regular festivities, don’t forget to give your wood floors some extra care and attention. The added foot traffic means extra wear and tear on your floors. The following tips can help you make sure your wood floors are properly protected as you welcome guests into your home.

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Posted on November 25, 2019

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