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Craft the Perfect Farmhouse Tablescape with These Must-Have Elements

This season, bring some character to your dining spread with a unique and beautiful Farmhouse tablescape. Combining natural elements like wood and jute with industrial galvanized steel will add the perfect touch to your next holiday dinner. Show guests how much they matter and elevate your hosting experience with a well-planned and cohesive table.

What defines Farmhouse style?

Modern farmhouse style is known for its simplicity and warmth. Well-loved and vintage items are all welcome as is a color palette that fits your style. From soft creams and neutrals to earthy tones with pops of harvest bright color, there is a farmhouse style out there that’s right for you. Add color, create visual interest and show off your personality at your next big event - read on to find out how!

Natural Elements

Feature items made of natural materials like reclaimed wood trays, woven straw placemats and hand carved candle holders or votives. For soft elements, like tablecloths napkins and runners, select something in cotton, sisal, or rustic linen. Embrace texture and imperfections. Farmhouse style is about tradition, hand-me-downs and treasures.

Trays and Accents

Add visual interest with items of varying heights and weight. Choose a sturdy wooden serving tray for drinks or snacks, flat galvanized steel chargers or a selection of medium and short pedestals for candles or florals. Keep in mind your guests eyeline, so don’t use anything excessively tall that could block their view.

Heritage Glass

Farmhouse style embraces the old, so break out your vintage tablecloths and funky glassware. Look for antique styles like depression glass, milk glass and items with vintage coloring like cobalt, raspberry or mercury. Flour sack tablecloths, soft florals and vintage linens from the 1930’s and 40ths are all great. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, artfully mis-matched pieces add charm and character to the table.

Farmstand Fare

A true farmhouse table wouldn’t be complete without farm-fresh fare! Tuck mini pumpkins, gourds and squashes amongst the place settings for a fun natural touch. Fresh florals and trailing greenery add a live aspects and can help balance the hard edge of the more industrial elements. Look for hearty fruits and vegetables, like pomegranates, clusters of mini mandarins and leaf-on apples and pears for a table that not only smells delicious but looks beautiful as well.

Tons of Texture

Finally, don’t be afraid to embrace texture. Farmhouse style is all about the rustic, imperfect beauty of life. Find beauty in the roughness of a burlap table runner, appreciate the wobbly edge of a vintage soup tureen. Look to the past for inspiration, and run with it. Don’t be afraid to embrace the unexpected!

Posted on November 18, 2019