When you’ve completed the task of revamping your space, the last thing you want is to have it feel unfinished. Once the paint is dry and the furniture arranged, the only thing you should be worried about is where to relax first. But what to do if it feels like something is missing? What if it just doesn’t feel like home? Ease your mind and add some personality with our tips for practical and aesthetic finishing touches.


From light sensing switches to blue-tooth enabled thermostats, set the mood and the temperature at the press of a button. You might not see this detail in action, but you’ll definitely feel it. Extend the automation outdoors with timed irrigation systems, lighting fixtures and automatic temperature controls for your pool or spa.

Splurge on something unique

Revel in the little things and highlight an unsung feature. Spring for custom light switches, electrical plate covers or plugs. From vintage drawer pulls to hand painted backsplash tiles, indulge in something that brings you joy. Eyeing those funky copper fixtures? Take the leap and be bold. Anyone can source a standout sofa but taking the time to curate tiny details is true dedication.

Upgrade countertop accessories

Eliminate clutter in the bath and ditch the plethora of shampoo, conditioner and other bathing products. There’s nothing that brings down the vibe of beautiful design than a sticky plastic soap dispenser. Instead, decant your favorite products into reusable bottles, invest in slide-in trays and drawer inserts, embrace organization and revel in minimal Zen.

Practice mindful maintenance

Keep your home looking its best with a touch of preventive care. Save paint samples for simple repairs, furniture oils for buffing out scuffs and keep up with a regular cleaning schedule. Perform routine inspections on the home, maintain insurance premiums and track warranties for appliances and other valuable upgrades.

Create visual vignettes

Use your space to tell a story by arranging objects in a mindful grouping. In the kitchen, try a small display of beautiful objects, like bottles of olive oil, vinegar or interesting knick-knacks. Cluster a group of vases, small plants or stacks of books on an entryway table, or gather votives, candles and photos by a cozy chair. Vary the heights and colors of the objects but make sure the grouping stays cohesive.

Protect your investment

Take responsibility to make sure your investment will last. Choose quality materials for home renovations and green options whenever possible. Spring for floor coverings and upholstery that include a stain repellent coating and add bumpers, pads and floor protectors to furniture feet and table legs. This invisible final touch will ensure your space stays fresh for years to come.