If I’ve ever seen great inspiration for our Vintage Loft Collection, this is it.

A New York state couple, Amy and Brandon Phillips, purchased this 19th century factory building and have built out a beautiful living space including a 1,700-square-foot of apartment, a 6,000-square-foot event space, and a 4,000-square-foot letterpress studio. The third floor remains untouched, with plans in place to convert it into artists’ residences. (Original story here in Dwell magazine)

This couple’s work is a perfect example of what led us to create our Vintage Loft Collection. The idea, and practice, of taking an industrial building like a manufacturing building or warehouse space, and converting part or all of it into living space while keeping the industrial charm of it’s original use. There’s a distinct charm to brick interior walls, extra large hewn beams, exposed iron infrastructure, and of course the original hardwood floors. Our Vintage Loft Collection is all made from new European Oak but given reclaimed textures such as wire brushing to remove the soft grain, which would naturally occur in a heavily worn floor over a generation or two of use. We’ve also kept milling saw lines and character marks that occur naturally in lumber used in industrial buildings. All this beautiful texture on 8 ½” wide planks that range from 3 to 8 feet long. From our product page:

Industrial Rustic Warmth

Our Vintage Loft Collection derives its character from the plank floors of the industrial buildings of previous generations, the warehouses and factories in downtowns and commercial districts throughout the world. Over time, some of these building spaces are repurposed into living spaces while retaining the rustic charm of their utilitarian origins. Like your father’s leather jacket, your favorite reading chair, or those treasured blue jeans, Vintage Loft floors are warm, welcoming, and perfectly worn in.

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