It only takes a quick Internet search to see how obsessed the world is with perfection. From filtered photos to curated feeds it seems there are few places free from the pressure. So where should you go to find solace? The answer is your home. Your house should be a respite from the expectation of perfection and lucky for us, many designers feel the same. Homes that are too perfect often feel cold, uninviting and unlived-in. The most beautiful homes are those with character. Check our suggestions below for some simple ways to add personality to your space and let your imperfections shine.

Embrace Sentimentality

If there is one thing that runs true through most picture-perfect homes, it’s that they lack personalization. While everything might be on trend, it says nothing of the people that live there. Where is the sentimentality? So, go ahead and hang up those family photos. Choose mindful selections that show visitors who you really are. Pick a stunning bookcase and show off your favorite reads. Are you passionate about collecting knick-knacks? Then go all-in and display them with pride. This is your space, your one place to showcase the items that add meaningful value to your existence. Embrace the opportunity.

Showcase Character

Dings, dents, and damage are all the effects of time; but while some might consider them flaws, we prefer the term marks of character. Character implies quality, age, and timelessness; it tells a story and conveys a feeling. Appreciate the history behind faded fabric, chipped paint and vintage patterns. Consider the comfort found in a buttery leather chair, the meals served on a well-worn dining table, the wear marks in the floor where generations of family came and went throughout a lifetime. Flaws tell a story without saying anything at all. Don’t be afraid to show them off as a token of pride.

Compromise is Key

If you share your home with someone else, make the effort to take their tastes into consideration too. Instead of getting caught up in the idea that if it doesn’t match, it must go, embrace a middle ground. Whether it’s a beloved pottery jug, a less-than-perfect painting or an antique heirloom that’s being saved for future generations, in certain cases aesthetic sacrifices are a worthwhile trade off to keep the peace. Find a creative way to work it into your space. In the long run, your design likely won’t suffer and you can preserve the feelings of your family. A winning solution for all.

Seize the Moment

Looking back, the most memorable events are the ones that didn’t go perfectly. Surprises, changes and the unexpected twist all turn to charm when viewed through the lens of time. In any case, don’t let your fear of imperfection hold you back. Take a chance and throw that dinner party. Invite the neighbors over to grill. Even if you’ve just moved in and boxes are still everywhere, crack the champagne and host an un-fancy happy hour. Chances are, the food, humor, and conversation will be what everyone remembers – not the fact your dining chairs didn’t match.

Do Something Unexpected

It’s always fun to follow the latest trends, but what if those fads don’t speak to you? If there is a feature you have always wanted to try, don’t wait for it to come back into style before taking the leap. The key to success – and your future happiness – is executing it confidently. If you’ve been dying over a monochrome kitchen choose something bold. Paint those walls pink and embrace the single-color look. Yearning for your own urban jungle? Time for a trip to the nursery and a crash course on plant parenting.

No matter what speaks to you, do it with conviction and create your own perfect environment. There is never a better time than the present to do something new. Go for it and embrace the unique beauty of being yourself.