Longhouse replicas today, in Northern Europe

When many of us think of Vikings, our imaginations take over and conjure images of great sailing ships and invading armies. However, much of the Viking population lived a rather calm rural life, and they dwelt in Longhouses—some as long as 50 feet, others sprawling to 250.

We named the Longhouse Plank Collection, with its rustic textured European Oak flooring, after the style of Viking home construction of hand-hewn logs and genuine rough wood features.

Longhouse walls and floors

With its varied textures, widths, colors and enduring design, we believe the Longhouse Plank is a great choice for many of our customers and clients.

Texture and more texture.

Old Frisian – The Longhouse Plank Collection

We chose to use contemporary colors, but we were intent to focus on texture with this floor collection.

With brushed grain and multiple versions of a circular saw and bandsaw marks, this floor has authentic wood features that provide a reclaimed look but not so much so that it is overwhelming.

If you’re interested in our rustic Storehouse Plank Collection, a similarly named but distinctly different floor, but feel you would prefer an engineered version, then this is the floor for you. You get legitimate texture but the advantages of engineered floor design. Wider planks, more installation method options, and less susceptibility to moisture problems.

When we chose the method of coloring this collection, we chose stains that evenly color the planks, not darkening the saw marks as many stains do. Both smooth and textured parts have consistent color and tone creating a uniform coloring throughout the floor. Aside from its worn-in aesthetics, the texture does a great job of hiding day-to-day wear, but it’s not so loud that it’s the first thing you notice.

Wonderful widths.

Jutland – The Longhouse Plank Collection

We wanted Longhouse Plank to give a hat tip to the Vikings and to board variety.

We have several floor collections with three different widths which makes for unique and interesting floors. However, we designed Longhouse Plank to havehaving only two widths of 7 1/2 and 3 inches, giving the floorthen the floor takes on a specific but understated pattern.

Given these two widths are dramatically different, the floor has a contemporary look. Its subtle pinstriping feels classy and fits with the idea of a hand-hewn building with multiple widths on its floor.

Contemporary colors.

For this collection, we added more muted, contemporary colors than usual.

Our goal was to blend colors with the design by standing out, but not being loud.

Perhaps you want a wood floor, but you don’t want it to be the primary point of focus. Maybe you have some bold decor like Banksy prints, or remarkable furniture, and you don’t want to take away from that energy.

With an understated color, you have a lot of design options for your home. You can design the home around those colors and pieces instead of the flooring. If you have a great deal of design criteria, you don’t have stress out about this flooring option.

Enduring design.

Cumbria – The Longhouse Plank Collection

We understand that buying wood flooring is an investment. We also understand that some of us won’t live in the same home for thirty years. With that being the case, the Longhouse Plank is a great flooring choice because it has an enduring look.

Its color palette is contemporary (even in gray), but it’s not so gray that the flooring gets stuck in a specific design decade. In brown, we offer popular browns, but not pickled white colors. We provide the colors of today but have made it to last beyond this wave of style.

With longer lengths at an average of 6 feet, Longhouse has an elegant look like a traditional wood floor.

Dreghorn – The Longhouse Plank Collection

Check out the Longhouse Plank collection today.

The use of timber planks in Viking home construction inspires this collection of European Oak plank flooring.

By utilizing multiple widths and live-sawn planks we have created a contemporary floor with lasting design. To see more photos or order samples, please visit the Longhouse Plank Collection webpage.