The Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui has been in practice for nearly 5,000 years. It focuses on balancing the five elements of wood, earth, wind, fire and water to create an environment of abundance and peace. By using these principles to direct the flow of energy or “chi” through a space, practitioners hope to balance opposing yin and yang forces into perfect harmony.

There are many simple practices to add aspects of Feng Shui to your home, so join us as we explore the five different elements and find out how to effectively integrate them into your space.


Fire is considered the most powerful component of the group. It represents passion, expansion and transformation of both the spiritual and physical body. An element of fire in your home could be embodied by a candle, a flame or item of decor in tones of red, orange or yellow. It is tied to the South direction and the season of summer. To keep your fire going strong, remove darker elements of blue and greens from the southern area of your home. Keep windows clean to let in natural sunlight and make sure an abundance of warmth and energy proliferate within the space.


This is an element that fosters creativity. It inspires, motivates and stokes the flame of determination. It can also represent renewal and growth. Representations of wood in the home include living plants, wood furniture, and green objects. These elements are associated with the East and Southeast compass directions as well as the spring season. For this area of your home, consider dedicating it to creative ventures. Craft a reading nook, set aside space to paint or practice art, add a piano, stereo or other listening devices or create your meditation corner for self-reflection.


Water is a powerful cornerstone in this philosophy. It represents the flow of career, money, wealth and success. It also stands for change, renewal and strength. The North is associated with this element, as is the season of winter. Adding a water feature like a small fountain, aquarium or pond, or something that representative of water, like a crystal collection, mirror or painting are all unique ways water can be included


As the fourth element, metal acts as a unifier between all things. It transmits, conducts and lets energy flow to different areas of the home. Metal is typically represented by white, silver, gray and black and directionally it is associated with the West and Northwest compass points. Seasonally, it is tied to the Fall where its transitional nature is best illustrated. To add metal to your space, select cool tones or metallic finishes for your furniture, fixtures or lighting. Metal accents like bowls, vases or photo frames are also great choices.


Finally, Earth is the last Feng Shui element. It is associated with the end of summer and the compass direction of center, southwest and northeast. It anchors the home while symbolizing stability, permanence and the joy of belonging. Earth elements include items made of clay, cozy thick textures like blankets, fabrics and carpets and anything that helps ground the space. Himalayan salt lamps, terracotta diffusers for oils and scents and soft wall colors in earth tones like bisque and sand are great choices for representation.

With Feng Shui, material goods are only half the equation. Once the five elements are all arranged, it’s time to put the philosophy of Feng Shui into practice. Make sure to keep your space clean, clear clutter and move through your home mindfully. Use all exits and entrances of equally, including the front and side doors. Periodically check your space for damaged items or objects that need to be replaced. Burnt out bulbs, dusty shelves and disorganization will all slow your flow of chi. With a few simple changes and a dedication to mindfulness, you’re well on the way to Feng Shui harmony.

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