Don’t let misinformation hold you back from investing in the timeless beauty of hardwood. Contrary to what you may have heard, classic hardwood is sustainable, durable and within your reach. Wood floors combine style and functionality to any home project, so come with us as we bust the top five myths regarding their care.

Easily Damaged

Dense woods like oak, maple, cherry and bamboo are highly resistant to normal everyday wear and tear. Even with a constant stream of visitors, kids and pets they are your best bet when it comes to choosing a hard wearing material. For extra protection, use carpet runners in high-traffic areas and invest in furniture pads for table legs and chairs. In the rare case when damage may occur, one of hardwoods greatest attributes is its ability to be repaired. Whether it is a single board or an entire room, genuine hardwood can always be sanded, restained and sealed back to its original shine.

A Kitchen No-No

Wood is back on the menu for modern kitchens! From traditional wood planks to engineered products, designers are relying on the beauty of wood to bring an organic vibe into the heart of the home. Surprisingly, today’s modern engineered hardwood actually stands up to moisture better than it’s natural counterpart. But if you have your heart set on traditional wood, prevent water damage by placing rugs in front of sinks and promptly wipe up any spills that may occur. With open floor plans still en vogue, wood is a great way to carry warmth and vibrancy throughout an otherwise undefined space.

Too Expensive

With so many different types of wood products on the market, there is literally an option for everyone. From exotic hardwoods to domestic beauties, the price of both traditional and engineered products is wide ranging. If you adore the look of wood floors, call one of our professionals today and see what our collections can offer.

High Maintenance

High quality doesn’t have to mean high maintenance. Contrary to popular belief, quality wood floors are scratch resistant, long-lasting, and easy to keep looking new. For extra protection, keep mats and carpets near external doors to encourage guests to wipe their feet. Vacuum and sweep regularly to keep loose grit in check and make sure high-heeled shoes aren’t missing their heel caps. For large pets, ensure their nails are maintained and encourage kids to get outdoors to play. Using formulated cleaning products like our Real Clean Floors line ensures your investment stays supple and protected for years to come. A few preventative measures can go a long way – so a quick vacuum and wipe with a damp cloth are really what they need for everyday care.

Harmful to the environment?

Going green at home is a standout goal for 2020. Luckily, when it comes to wood floors – they are actually more earth-friendly than you might think. According to studies done by the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, the annual net growth of hardwood trees is almost double that of annual removals. So when you are sourcing a supplier, make sure their raw materials come from areas without illegal logging practices. Do your research and find only approved, eco-conscious vendors and support initiatives that encourage sustainability. Of course, the lowest impact product is always engineered or laminate flooring.

So the next time you’re looking to upgrade your home, don’t be afraid to invest in wood floors. Professionally installed, high-quality products will add years of value to your home and stay beautiful for generations. If you still have questions, give one of our experts a call and get started on your project today.

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