Jutland pre-finished engineered European White Oak hardwood flooring from The Longhouse Plank… | By Real Wood Floors



Genuine Hand Scraped
Brushed Grain
Band Saw Marks
Circle Saw marks
7 Lengths
1/2" Thick
3.5", 7.5" Widths
Engineered Construction
European White Oak
2 mm Sliced Veneer
UV Oil Finish
25.3 Sqft/Box
Genuine Hand Scraped
Brushed Grain
Band Saw Marks
Circle Saw marks


The Longhouse Plank Collection

The use of timber planks in home construction originated in the earliest cultures all around the world in longhouses. This enduring usefulness and adaptability of lumber inspires this collection of European Oak plank flooring. By utilizing multiple widths and live sawn planks we make the best use of our lumber, just as the early builders did, to create a modern version of a bygone craft. Richly imbued with time-worn textures, milling marks and natural tones, The Longhouse Plank Collection updates the ancient for today’s home.


What is Engineered Flooring?

Engineered floors are composed of multiple sheets (called “plies”) of wood pieced together to create a single plank. The layers which make up Engineered floors are arranged in opposing directions. This is often known as “cross-ply” construction. This method effectively guards the flooring against moisture-related problems. The planks’ arrangement causes the expansions and contractions to counter one another, limiting or reducing the amount of cupping and crowning a floor can exhibit when exposed to differing levels of humidity. Engineered floors are versatile, allowing them to be installed in any part of the home whether it be the basement or directly on slab. These floors can be stapled, glued, nailed, or even floated over existing subfloors.

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