Jatoba solid Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring from Closeouts | By Real Wood Floors



Smooth Finish
Variable Lengths Up to Up to 4''
3/4" Thick
5" Widths
Solid Brazilian Cherry
Urethane Finish
Smooth Finish
Closeouts Jatoba Main Photo by Real Wood Floors
Closeouts Jatoba Photo 0 by Real Wood Floors



As we continue designing and producing the next exciting floor products, we sometimes need to move out the old to make room for the new.  This list is of discontinued, overstocked and clearance flooring at unprecedented prices. Availability is extremely limited. Nothing will be held without payment or credit approval. All sales are final. Call now for your price list and availability: 866.476.2015


What is Solid Wood Flooring?

Solid wood floors are typically a single plank of wood, with “tongues” and “grooves” that allow the pieces to connect. Solid floors are extremely moisture sensitive, and generally nailed down to ward off humidity fluctuations. As we’ve discussed before, seasonal moisture shifts cause wood to contract and expand—cold weather causes wood to shrink, while more humid climates cause wood to expand. Because of this, expansion space should be considered when placing your planks.