Hardwood flooring is one of the best interior investments you can add to your home. Realtors and homebuilders alike have acknowledged that wood flooring makes any home more appealing. That being said, maintaining your investment over many years is important. There are a few very simple steps you can take to help protect your wood flooring investment from wear and tear and damage.

1. Beware dirt and grit.

Dirt and grit can scratch the wood finish when dragged across your floors by shoes or dust mops. Entrance mats help to control the amount of grit and dust coming into the home and dry mopping with microfiber helps to keep the dust that does get in under control.

2. Vacuum safely

If you choose to use a vacuum on your wood flooring, make sure your vacuum employs a soft brush and never use a vacuum that has a beater bar on your wood floors.

3. Protect your floors from furniture

Furniture—table and chair legs—can also scratch and damage your wood floors. To avoid damage from furniture movement, place felt pieces on table and chair legs. If your wood floor is in an area such as a dining room, where furniture is frequently moved, you can also use area rugs to protect your floor.

4. Clean with care

Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your hardwood floors. Chemicals can be harmful to your wood floor finish and can cause discoloration.