The Reminiscent Collection hardwood flooring by Real Wood Floors | By Real Wood Floors



Unbelievably Resilient Flooring

Our Reminiscent collection is a Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) floor product that’s incredibly durable and highly affordable. It’s made of a core of compressed limestone powder and polymer mix, with a high definition wood grain film on top, and protected by a .5 mm (20 MIL) commercial grade wear layer with an infused ceramic bead protective top coat. It has a 1.5 mm Closed Cell Acoustical Pad underneath to minimize sound transmission. Reminiscent is a worry free, waterproof flooring option that uses the Välinge 5G Locking System to tightly lock the planks together and keep spills out. Each plank features a beautiful wood-visual with an authentic grain texture to further enhance the organic look.

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