About Us

We’re helping children find homes, families, and futures. We happen to make beautiful flooring to make it possible.

We have a singular focus here at Real Wood Floors, to help children around the world without families of their own to move from hopeless, to hopeful. For some children, it’s to have homes. Some to be adopted into Forever Families. Others to get a helping hand in education to open wide their possibilities. To have futures full of hope that weren’t there before.

This is the mission that gets us up in the morning and gives us the drive to keep growing, serving, and succeeding.

That’s the WHY.

HOW we accomplish this by making beautiful flooring. We design and make floors to meet every purpose, design, and budget and help people find the perfect floor for their homes. Knowing your WHY makes all the difference. We hope our story encourages you to discover your Why, and begin pursuing a bigger purpose for your business, team, or organization. With a passion for excellence, we work to be successful – not only in business but in helping the most needy.