Garret from The Brick & Board Collection by Real Wood Floors

Dark wood flooring has been popular for generations for a very good reason. It matches nearly every setting and is well-suited for both traditional and modern interiors.

One of our dark wood flooring options is Garret from the Brick and Board Collection. The line features smooth-faced planks that are gently brushed to reveal the authentic, natural wood grain. This reinterpretation of the classic wood floor will likely suit your space regardless of your style.

Traditional and classic.

Photo by Irene Rego from Unsplash

The Garret floor has a modest, understated nature in its rich brown hues and makes a perfect choice for your traditional or classic home. With five-inch-wide boards and variable lengths up to six feet, it puts itself in the tradition of standard wood flooring though it is engineered.

Darker flooring exudes sophistication. In a home with traditional furnishings, such as carved and ornamental furniture, Garret can be paired with a lighter wall to achieve a good balance.


Photo by Stephen Ellis from Unsplash

Given Garret’s hickory veneer and visible wood grain, it also makes a good choice for more rustic spaces. If you are a fan of farmhouse design, then this floor is a good fit for you.

The flooring looks great in a kitchen with white subway tile. If your space is limited (or your home is literally a farmhouse), then pairing Garret with a light neutral wall and mounting a mirror, can give your rooms a larger, more open feeling.


Photo by Pixasquare from Unsplash

With Garret’s simplicity and modest brushed grain look, it also works for contemporary or modern design aficionados.

Again, pairing with light-colored or white walls offers a dramatic, streamlined look whether you live in a mid-mod ranch or in an ultra-modern minimalist home. This floor gives you the warmth you’ll need to feel relaxed and at home no matter your space.

We’re here to help.

Garret is a genuine solution for a quality floor that will work well with almost any style. Choose this floor with confidence knowing that if your style changes, your floor is neutral enough in its simple beauty to transition easily with your next design style.

If you have any questions about wood flooring or would like to request samples of our Garret line, then please contact us today through our website or by phone, 877.215.1831.