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One interior design trend we love right now is the pairing of dark floors with light walls. If that has piqued your interest, great! We have five tips on how to pair dark floors with light walls if you’re interested in taking the plunge into this style.

1. Create a traditional or contemporary look depending on your own personal style.

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First, think about your personal design style. Shades of gray are obvious choices for dark flooring because gray is a neutral color and very versatile as it pairs so well with other colors. If your style is traditional, you can accomplish a rustic or traditional look with a deep brown floor and cream-colored wall like the living room above.

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If you go with a lighter shade or an undertone of gray in your floor, you can achieve a more contemporary or even funky look (depending in part on the furniture you choose which we will get to in a moment).

Pairing a dark floor with a light wall creates a distinctive and attractive contrast. Consider this ultra-modern kitchen above that showcases a dark gray and brown floor with a complementary kitchen backsplash and white wall.

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2. Use floor paint to customize your look.

No matter which color you prefer in terms of dark gray, brown or black, you can also use paint to accomplish the look you’re after.

If you are struggling with what to do regarding a small room, consider painting the floors a similar color to the walls. This will give the space the appearance that it is larger than it actually is.

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Painting also provides you with some creative license. We’ve seen some really fun floors, in both traditional and contemporary home and office settings, painted with patterns like checkerboards and simple horizontal stripes.

3. Pick appropriate paint for the walls, ceilings and trim.

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The choices are almost endless here, but consider the feeling and aesthetic you want.

Dark can sometimes be too dark and make the space feel enclosed. If you wish to lighten the mood of the room, choose gray wall paint that matches your flooring but is several shades lighter.

Adding appropriate lighter colors to the walls against the dark hardwood creates contrast and adds warmth. Dark floor choices foster the opportunity to go bright, if you dare go blue or gold (as in the photos above), you can go blue or gold! Pale colors, soft grays, or greens, will achieve a certain calming effect or style.

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Neutral tones in whites and grays can help balance the room and make your interior feel brighter. And don’t forget the trim. If you are remodeling an older home or updating yours that has antiquated brown or orange woodwork, you will want to choose a complementary color to your floor.

4. Select complementary furniture.

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Dark floors can be complemented by a variety of furniture colors and styles. Choose wood as in the photo above, and also consider metal to create a contemporary look.

To keep your spaces from looking too much like one of the cave scenes from The Goonies, it’s wise to select furniture that’s lighter. However, if you are a traditionalist, we get it. You may want to match up the floor more closely with your rustic style; again, just go a little bit lighter so your room doesn’t feel too one-dimensional or dark.

5. Choose houseplants for color and warmth.

We love houseplants. They’re good for the air we breathe, and they literally bring life into a home or office space. At our headquarters we have several that lighten up the space and of course, accentuate our wood floor.

Ferns, ficus trees and spider plants are excellent choices to add color and give freshness to any room.

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Mantel – The Brick & Board Collection
Mantel – The Brick & Board Collection
Mantel – The Brick & Board Collection

With dark floors and light walls, there is significant freedom to create an urban and funky or warm and rustic look depending on your style.

During the month of August we are featuring one of our dark gray floors, Mantel, from the Brick and Board Collection. Mantel features a five-inch wide, smooth-faced, gently brushed plank up to six feet long.

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