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Do you have a blank wall you want to decorate? Do you have wall decor that’s really got you yawning?

Would you like to freshen up your space with something personal and a little more creative than just artwork?

Look no further. Here are 10 vibrant alternatives to traditional decor that will spruce up those walls and enliven that space.

Floating shelves.

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We like these. Maybe that’s because they seem to defy gravity. Or maybe it’s because they have a nice clean look (and you don’t have to dust beneath them or move them around for a deep clean).

Given their economy in size, they allow you to decorate accordingly. You can use them for framed photographs or books of course, but plants, small pottery, sculptures, and unique vintage items or miniatures can give it your own personal touch.

Regarding design styles and shapes, three is a lot of freedom, and we find the hexagonal shape quite interesting.


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Mirrors are a great alternative to wall art, and we love that they make a room brighter by taking advantage of natural light.

Because they reflect light, they offer dimension, which can make your space seem larger. You can choose from a variety of shapes, including square or round, standard or oversized.


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Plants can really brighten up a space and add a pop of color. They are a wonderful choice for the home or office given their health and mental benefits.

There are tons of options out there for wall-mounted planters from galvanized metal to terra cotta to glass globes. Low-maintenance plant varieties include succulents, snake plants, Chinese evergreens, and red aglaonema.

Wall hooks.

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Wall hooks can be extremely versatile. In a functional space, you can use decorative wall hooks to hang umbrellas, scarves, and jackets. You can also use them in the bedroom to hang other items of clothing, hats, and jewelry.

Wall hooks can be imaginative with options such as animals, bicycles, raindrops, and shoe holds, to name just a few.

Hanging plates.

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This is definitely a unique alternative and one that we like.

Hanging dinner plates is an opportunity for intriguing design. You can create a theme with your plates, given their content, whether it be antique collectibles or contemporary ones with funny or inspirational aphorisms. You can use colors, shapes, and groupings to create a particular design and interest.

Fabric / Tapestries.

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Fabric wall hangings have a rich tradition, and you can suit them for your own purposes with a splash of color and pattern.

While fabric and tapestries might seem to fall into a niche interior design, that is certainly not the case. You don’t have to have a granny-chic style to utilize an eclectic quilt or mid-century modern wall tapestry.

Be careful about their placement as sunlight can make material fade, and you want to avoid a high-humidity environment.


Baskets from Pottery Barn

Like wall hangings, baskets are a great way to add color and freshness to a blank wall.

You have abundant choices in size, color, and texture. You will want to plan the layout first then choose a hanging method such as hooks, picture hangers, push pins or nails, or even fishing lines.


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What’s not to like about maps? You can go global. You can go city, state, or country. You can grab a map of your favorite country or favorite city.

We like the cleanness of an unmarked map, but you can certainly add flavor and color with push pins to mark travel histories and travel destinations.


Cycling will hopefully never go out of style since it offers such great cardio and for some, it’s a quality social experience to cycle with family or friends.

Bicycles take up a lot of space no matter where you try to hide them away, like in your basement, garage, or shed, so why not turn them into art and a conversation piece?

Wine racks.

Left photo by Lou Stejskal

A great choice for the kitchen or perhaps the dining room is a wall-mounted wine rack.

The German company, Floz Design, offers an eye-catching rack with brushed-finish stainless steel, and it can hold 8 bottles.

Another option is the sleek and simple rack from STACT Premier, which offers 18 different types of finishes from plain black or white to walnut and oak. Given so many color choices, you can definitely pair this rack with your hardwood floor. This rack holds nine bottles easily but you can place as many as twelve on it.

We hope this blog has inspired you to consider some creative alternatives to traditional wall decor.

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