Sustainable forest management has made the impact of the hard wood flooring industry almost non-existent to the environment because of the renewable resource of the trees can be re-used indefinitely for a lifetime. As the harvesting and planting efforts work in tandem to insure little to no impact on forests, here are 10 other ways hardwood floors are great for the environment.

  1. Although it takes 40-60 years for hardwood trees to mature, the trees planted today will not be needed for over 100 years.
  2. Once a wood floor is no longer needed it can be either burned for fuel or recycled.
  3. Wood floors need far less water and energy to produce compared to carpeting, linoleum, and other flooring options.
  4. The wood used for flooring produces oxygen as it grows and once it becomes wood flooring stores carbon.
  5. The air quality of homes and businesses using Hardwood Floors is improved.
  6. Wood floors last much longer than other flooring options, and the removal of wood floors is far less than the installation. Wood floors really do last a lifetime.
  7. The wood used for ships, warehouses, barns and other structures can be recycled as wood floors.
  8. Wood floors are easy to maintain and require far fewer chemicals to install.
  9. More and more cleaning supplies, produced specifically for hardwood floors, are becoming “green” products, meaning they don’t harm the environment.
  10. We are a sustainable, ecologically-friendly industry using a natural resource that is renewable.