Posted on December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014 - Hello 2015!

The rumors are true, another year has passed.  Goodbye 2014.  There’s a bittersweetness to the end of the year.  We think on maybe how quickly the time passed, or of missed opportunities, or maybe of unfortunate events that happened.  The flip side of that, the optimistic half, is to look back at the good things that occurred during the previous 365 days.  Remember the positive; the successes, the triumphs and victories.

We've had a blessed year.  Not to say everything goes our way - but we appreciate those things that do, and are thankful for them.   Here’s a few things from last year we are proud of and some exciting things we’re looking forward to in 2015.

First and foremost, we’re thankful we’re still here.  The economic recession that began around 2008 hit the flooring industry hard and we saw many familiar companies go out of business.  We’ve been able to keep a foothold in the marketplace and even grow our company.  2015 will be our 10th year in business and we don’t take it for granted.

In tandem with our growth, we’ve been able to hire some new employees.  We’re a small company that still feels a bit like a family who likes to have fun with each other and it’s exciting to see the family grow with good people.

We launched our 7th flooring line, Saltbox, this year.  Weathered texture, random widths, and a subdued sheen characterize this exciting new floor.  We’re very proud of it.  See more about it here.

Most importantly for us, we’ve been able to accomplish some truly great things in our work with orphan care, where our collective heart is.        In September we hosted a work project of about 30 friends, customers and employees to the Shepherd’s Field Children's Village in LangFang, China.  We’ve had an ongoing relationship with this great orphanage for 7 years; physically, financially and personally.  This was our 4th trip there and it was a doozy.  We manufactured, donated, and installed over 26,000 square feet of flooring in the orphanage’s new building that will care for and train the facility’s oldest children.  See more here.       RWF partnered with Asia’s Hope in India to send 21 older orphans from their facility on an educational outing to see Calcutta, visit some museums and monuments and see the ocean for the first time. Education is paramount to these children working to overcome their situation and RWF was happy to be a small part of that effort.       We also directly contributed to 3 specific adoptions of special needs kids from China to American families.  Jack and Stacy Dye adopted Kaeson, John and Kelly Carlson adopted Kodi, and Rick and Chante Bouchard adopted Jack.  Congratulations families!

To date, Real Wood Floors has happily donated 18,504 Volunteer Hours, 54,600 sqft of flooring, and $370,700 of direct financial support benefiting orphan care and adoption around the world.   I say this is where our heart is because it really is why we do what we do.

Looking ahead to 2015.

New Logo - We’re excited to unfold a new company logo in the next few weeks that will exhibit our company’s growth and evolution as a brand.  Look for it everywhere!

New Lines - A new flooring line will debut in the first half of the year.  Gallery will look similar to our Vintage Loft line and a second new line will arrive later in the year. 

New Opportunities - We have more adoptions we plan to contribute to and more orphanages we hope to partner with in 2015.  The possibilities are endless.  Would you like to be involved in one our Projects to an orphanage?  Contact us to let us know and we’ll keep you updated. 

We hope for and plan great things in 2015.  We hope the same for you!